Meanwhile, em Londres...

... prossegue o inquérito à morte da Princesa Diana. Há dias, o antigo mordomo de Diana, Paul Burrel, confessou que mentira e hoje, finalmente, chegou a vez de Mohamed Al Fayed falar:

- Then, the next point you mention is the blood, isn't it, Mr Al Fayed?
- Yes. What you want -- the whole thing has been that Henri Paul was drunk. Fine. It is proved black and white that the blood been taken was not Henri Paul's blood. The blood been taken from somebody was in the mortuary who had been breathing carbon monoxide by the two pathologists who refused to appear because they know that their argument is false and baloney and it was not facts. What do you want? Can you tell me? Everybody saw and the jury saw the witness, and the professors, the pathologists, the technicians, highly respected, have proved that Henri Paul's blood was not Henri Paul's blood.
- So you believe the results were cooked, as you put it?
- Definitely.
- And deliberately so by Professors Lecomte and Pepin?
- Yes. Why did they refuse to come here...
- Just so that we are clear, Mr Al Fayed, it is your belief that Professors Lecomte and Pepin were, from the very beginning, engaged in a cover-up?
- Definitely, by the French intelligence, because the French intelligence helped the British intelligence to execute the murder, and without their help, without giving all the facilities in the tunnel, switches the camera, doing everything possible to help an MI6 officer to secure the murder.
- That is the whole of the French establishment?
- It is not the French establishment. It is the French intelligence.
- And the police?
- And the French police also.
- And the French medical services, through Lecomte and Pepin?
- The French intelligence and the British intelligence, they have their stooges, their agents, everywhere.
- And that includes Professors Lecomte and Pepin?
- Absolutely.
- I see. The last point that you particularly wanted to emphasise to the jury concerns dark forces.
- Richard Tomlinson told me, a few months after the crash, that he had seen a plot to kill Milosevic in the tunnel, just like my son and Princess Diana. I believe him and I believe the evidence that he gave to the inquest, very convincing, that MI6 assassinates people of great importance and relevance. He believes there is a file which the security service have on me which -- where is that file? He believes that there is a file on the paparazzi member in the pay of security services. This is likely to be James Andanson, who has executed the murder in his own Fiat, pushed the car, and the strobe lights have been used to blind Henri Paul.
- Can I just interrupt you there to check that I understand what you are saying? It is your belief then that James Andanson was driving the Fiat Uno at the time?
- Definitely.
- And that he was later murdered?
- Yes.
- I see.
- He has been later murdered because... for the security service, avoiding that he will again turn against them and say exactly what happened.
- I see.


- Where we were, Mr Al Fayed, the extent of this conspiracy: Prince Philip at its heart?
- That is right.
- Prince Charles, you said this morning?
- Definitely a participant because he has interests and he wants to get rid of Diana and he would like to marry Camilla.
- Anyone else in the Royal Household?
- But those are the main ones.
- We have not heard this today, but it features in a letter that you wrote in February 2006: the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.
- I do not remember. If you have a copy?
- I do not have a copy but I will read you one paragraph from it. It is a letter that you wrote to the Right Honourable Paul Murphy of the Intelligence and Security Committee. It is dated 14th February 2006. You mention that the security services were acting on the orders of the Royal Family and these are your words 'the Prime Minister and his senior henchmen', and you went on to say this: 'There is equally no doubt in my mind that such a momentous and horrific action would have been directly sanctioned by the Prime Minister.' So can we add him to the list, Mr Al Fayed?
- What are you asking me for? Can you tell me what you are asking now?
- Mr Al Fayed, the list of conspirators; those who are involved in the manner in which I have described in this murderous plot.
- Yes.
- We can add Tony Blair to that list, can we?
- You can, because I am sure he knows what they are going to do, definitely.
- And you say in that letter: 'Not only is Tony Blair involved, but also his senior henchmen.' Now, who did you mean by 'his senior henchmen'?
- Maybe his chief of staff.
- His chief of staff?
- Yes.
- And the Foreign Secretary of the day, Robin Cook, he must have been involved?
- It is a possibility. You can say that the embalming order has to come from someone very high. The Ambassador will not execute such order; only he had been instructed...
- LORD JUSTICE SCOTT BAKER: I think he was in the Far East at the time, wasn't he? I suppose he could have been contacted by telephone.
- Possible.
- MR HORWELL: Lord Fellowes, we heard this morning.
- Yes.
- He was manning a operations centre at the British Embassy and sent messages, I think you have said in the past, to GCHQ?
- Yes, but this is what I have been told. I know these things can happen because he is the Private Secretary of the Queen, right?
- Lord Fellowes we add to the list?
- Yes.
- We heard this morning that Lord Jay should be added to the list; a British Ambassador who knew in advance of the Princess's visit to Paris...
- That is right.
- ... and no doubt played his part in the events that took place. You have said in the past that Lord Jay ordered the embalming to ensure that there would be no evidence to show that Princess Diana was pregnant.
- That is right.
- So we add him to the list. MI5, MI6, CIA and the DGSE, the French intelligence services; we add them to the list?
- Right.
- Judge Stephan...
- Right.
- ... we heard this morning. The French SAMU, the ambulance service and the French doctors; they played their part in ensuring that Princess Diana would die...
- Possibility, yes.
- ... and delayed her arrival at hospital to ensure that she would die?
- Yes, but this is the logic thoughts of taking her to a far away hospital and there was a hospital 10 minutes or 15 minutes from the accident.
- LORD JUSTICE SCOTT BAKER: Have I understood you this morning to say not all of them, but that MI6 would have an agent there among them?
- Possibly ... yes, of course, of course.
- MR HORWELL: And, of course, the French scientists, Professors Lecomte and Pepin...
- Right.
- ... involved?
- Definitely. Why didn't they want to appear as witnesses?"

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Anonymous Anónimo disse...

Coitado do AlFayed.
Óbvio que agora é dado como maluquinho. Um clássico.
Ainda por cima é meio muçulmano...
É impressionante como conseguem escapar sempre, mesmo com as provas à frente do nariz.
Verdadeiramente profissionais.

19 fevereiro, 2008  

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