A few words about 9/11 (in english...)

One of the most common arguments from the American government claims that it was hard to imagine or even unthinkable to preview an air attack on the USA soil like the one that hit the Twin Towers in New York.
That’s not true.
Remember Columbine? When those two kids killed everybody on their school and ended up by killing themselves?
It was on April 20, 1999, two years before 9/11.
Well, six days after Columbine it was announced on the American press that one of those kids, Harris, had a diary where he described his idea of hijacking a plane and crash it over New York… After these shocking information came to light there should be implanted an air defence plan for New York… Now, remember also that the second plane, the one that hit the South Tower, took more than 15 minutes to show after the first plane. That’s too much time for an air defence not to act… An air defence plan that should exist after the news that emerged from Columbine…

(Pictures from Michael Moore's film "Bowling for Columbine")

Another question from that day was the fall of the Towers… Well, imagine that the Towers were condemned but who would pay for the demolition expenses?! The easy and less expensive way to end with that “White Elephant” would be trough a controlled demolition. When I look at the images from the fall of the towers I can’t ignore seeing some tinny explosions… I’ve already seen some logical explanations to that. But they sure look very nice controlled explosions…

And now look those small explosions as the building falls

And what about the plane that they claim it fell on the Pentagon but you don’t find any traces of it?! I’ve seen a “National Geography” documentary explaining how the plane disintegrated… Whow!
I’ve visited the Pentagon area on November 2001, just two months after the events, as the rebuilding works were on and the area affected was much wider than the one we all first saw on the news on September 11, 2001… Remember that the first news that came on that day mentioned an “explosion”. It was only a few hours after that the main televisions shifted their story to the official version of a plane… A magic plane that no one could catch a graphic record of it, went invisible to all the air defence system in Washington, flew over a highway without damaging lightning posts… A magic plane that looked just the magic bullet that killed Kennedy!

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