October Surprise revelations in Portugal!

For the english readers:

"Did the Reagan-Bush election campaign sabotage President Carter's attempts to free the Americans hostages in Iran?" - was the question from Barbara Honegger's 1989 book.
This week, a Portuguese parliament comission into the prime-minister Sá Carneiro and Defense minister Amaro da Costa's deaths on a plane crash, in December 4, 1980, pointed to a sabotage.
Nuno Melo, the comission's president revealed that a possible motive for the sabotage was the ilegal gun deal from Portugal to Iran during the 1980's hostage crisis and Presidential elections in the USA.
Nuno Melo said that defense minister Amaro da Costa called off a guns deal two days before the plane crash, but guns were sent from Portugal to Iran five days after his death, on December 9, 1980.
Two days after Reagan's inauguration speech and the release of the hostages, 22 January 1981, guns were also sent from Portugal to Iran, was revealed this week in Portugal.
These recent revelations confirm the claims made by Oswald Le Winter when he went to testify before this Portuguese comission on July 2002...

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