As mortalhas não têm bolsos...

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Blogger Fernando Negro disse...

[Uma raça em vias de extinção...]

The whole country is going down the plug hole.
Nobody cares.
Someone's got to stand up and be counted.
Someone has to say, "Here I am. This is what I stand for."
Impeccable standards and old-fashioned integrity.
And if you don't like it, you can go down the road.
Let me tell you something, gentlemen. When you've gone down that road, you can never come back.
When you've gone down that road, it's over. It's curtains.
And I'm not just talking about Panama.
I'm talking about the whole human race.
You, too. Get out.
Harry, I was only kidding, I swear.
It's just a sleeve.
I swear to God.
Teddy came to see Mickie.
He brought two goons with him. They say they were Ministry of Interior.
Of course, Teddy. He's the worst of them. They pay him, the ruling families.
He takes money to inform on his friends.
They were asking around about us.
They came to me, too.
Teddy thinks we might be involved in some political thing against the system.
You know, like the old times.
You and Marta?
You and Mickie.
Why would they think that?
Maybe you know, Harry.
I couldn't do it again.
No more prison. They break you in there.
You got so much courage in life. When it's gone, it's spent.
I got none left.
I know what you mean. I've been there. I know.


21 janeiro, 2011  
Blogger Fernando Negro disse...

I killed him, Marta. I killed him with my bullshit.
He said the police were after him. He said:
"Tell Harry I'm sorry."
And I didn't finish his suit.
It would've given him back his dignity.
He wouldn't have shot himself in that suit.
He was always going to do it.
He was just looking for a good enough excuse.
Should I close his eyes?
You must go now, Harry.
Go, Harry.
Harry, my man. Where have you been?
Louisa was here. I think she thought I was leading you astray or something.
I see. Go on.
So we have to stop all this, you hear?
Mickie knew nothing about it. You know and I know, I made it all up.
Oh, it's too late for that, old boy. Out of our hands.
A case of life imitating art.
Bit of a set-back, sir. It's Mickie Abraxas.
Bullet through the head.
Set-back? On the contrary.
No, they'll probably claim he killed himself in police custody.
That's standard euphemism for assassinations in regimes of this ilk.
No, no one's going to swallow that one.
Leader of the Democratic Rebel Movement murdered.
Yes. I think we could have the peg we're looking for, Andy.
I'll inform our American cousins.
Now, tell me, Andrew, did you manage to resolve that Buchan Two situation?
I got the distinct impression she was in a state of high anxiety.
You must impress on your operatives the importance of remaining in control at all times.
Es muy importante!
Hello, is anybody there? I've got to talk to the Ambassador.
I'm English. It's a matter of grave importance.
Mickie Abraxas died three hours ago.

--- "The Tailor of Panama"

21 janeiro, 2011  
Blogger Karocha disse...


23 janeiro, 2011  

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