O jogo de Richard Tomlinson

"I wish blogging was invented years ago....
Well here we go, my first blog. I wish blogging had been invented years ago - it would have saved me a lot of aggro and a lot of money in legal fees! I've been involved in a long running battle since April 25th 1996 with my former employees - MI6 (British Secret Intelligence Service). I'll post a lot more about this battle in due course. But suffice to say that MI6 relied on their considerable budget (from the tax payer) and lots of threats, writs and pompous claims that I was a "danger to national security" in order to silence and discredit me. They even managed to imprison me for a while.

In order to keep me quiet and bash me around so much, they relied on the fact that a little guy like me did not have the financial means to fight back against their injunctions and legal assaults against me. But with a blog, I'm newly empowered - and how I wish I had know about them years ago.

It is a shame that I am beginning this blog eleven years late, as it will not form a timeline of my thoughts and actions, and their bizarre vendetta against me. But I will be posting old material here in due course, though it may take a bit of patience to understand the relevance.

Anyway, let the game begin"...

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Blogger UheccaGil disse...

Mau... mas quem fez um blog a falar do mesmo não foi o tal Michael Smith? A dizer as mesmas coisas? Não falou deste Tomlinson e tudo???

04 maio, 2006  

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